Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Tax Day

I like to think of Tax day as our anniversary. Since 6 years ago was the day we started dating!! In true fashion I made Brian take the afternoon off and we had planned to go our for fancy food. I called the place to make a reservation yesterday and they were closed for remodeling. After discussing several options we ended up going shopping for a kitchen table in Salem and got Kwan's food. Kwan's in Salem in delicious. Brian is going to take me to Nick's on Sunday for lunch... yummy.

Now we are back to watch the final Blazer game before the playoffs. They are on fire... and so much fun to watch. Maybe I should put my Roy jersey on for good luck!

What else what else. My MA Laura is leaving. I knew it was too good to last for long. She quits the end of the month to take 20 days to study before her MCAT's. She is one smart cookie and will be missed. I think I'm a little spoiled... my first MA out of PA school went to Dartmouth on a pre-med track! They've already hired someone to take her place who starts on Monday. She has big shoes to fill... I am happy for Laura though. She is going on to better things.

We are moving forward with Church planting! This weekend we held out first Sabbath school meeting. Brian led some songs- even had powerpoint, and then Jim led a lesson on Faith. It was simple and fresh and 25 people came. We had 5 kids there already so next sabbath we are going to have two children's sabbath school classes. I am leading the tween group. We have two tweens so far. It should be fun and a challenge. I think I'm going to lead indefinitely as long as everything meshes okay. We don't officially start church until May 2nd so off to a great start! Need lots of prayer... our little group has already been through a ton. Our leader Jim had neck surgery last Tuesday- it went awesome... but there is so much to do right now and to work full time and start something like this... craziness. We just finished putting toegether business cards and invites from the 2nd so we can start inviting people officially to the big kickoff!!!

Okay gotta go- Blazers are on in 10 minutes!!

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Lex-a-roo said...

Holly crow! you are such a busy lady.