Thursday, April 30, 2009

Musings of a sick John

Oh so much is going on! This isn't really the perfect time to be sick. I have not been sick all winter... I am quite proud of this fact since it is my first winter to actually see sick people all day every day. Except for last winter when I was doing pediatrics and was sick for 6 weeks straight!!!

Well Tuesday I saw some beautiful teenagers with colds and somehow I got one- despite the handsanitizing... and no it is not the swine flu but that is affecting me as well...
So yesterday, my day off, I spent most of it sleeping! Today I made it to work- with homemade soup and all but am feeling quite dead at the moment. One more work day to go... I think I will make it. I think I can I think I can.

I had to go to work today- because it was the going away party for my MA!! I have pictures to prove it.

She is going to be missed. One smart cookie.
Note my name plate in the background... yep my office... I really like where I work. it's a pretty good set up.
And after the third person asked me what I was bringing to her going away potluck today, despite my informing them repeatedly that I don't really cook. I brought taco soup.. which turned out pretty good.

I also snapped a pic of my new MA- Ashley- who is already doing an awesome job and learning the ropes.
Note the right hand corner is my own personal can of hand sanitizer that I keep of my desk :)

oh I can't be sick right now because it's a big weekend...
Our church plant starts this weekend! We've been having sabbath school every week for the past month but this week we actually are going to meet in our rented building and have church and sabbath school. I feel like I should be doing more to get ready but really- we have been planning this for months. Brian is in charge of worship and we have practice tomorrow night. I'm singing. Jim is preaching. Got sabbath school leaders, greeters, PA people... we're all having spaghetti dinner to celebrate after the service. Got the business cards printed, the banner, the invitations. Craziness. Brian has been working on the print stuff and doing an excellent job. I'm leading the youth group. So far we have two pre-teens so I am going to gear it towards middle schoolers. So all we've got to do now is pray!!

On top of everything we have decided to put our house back on the market. Now as I post this the last day of April I am wondering why we made our list date May 1st and if my house is clean enough for pictures tomorrow. It is about as spacious as it can be yet still have people live here. Our spare rooms are pretty much empty. Oh... I hope it sells in 2 days. That would be nice. but I am braced for a long haul in this economy. Anyone need a house? great town!

What else... also this crazy swine flu. I'm like yeah- Mexico and spreading here... but then I realized... HEY- We're going on our awesome Mexico vacation in 10 days!!! So I kind of think it's not going to happen. They rerouted this weeks cruise ship to San Francisco, Seattle, and Victoria. Hmm... nice except cold... and kind of the same weather as home. We are considering switching the cruise to the Carribean or using our airline tickets to California and going to Disneyland.

It has been BLAZER Mania at our house. Brian has taken to wearing his jersey to work on game days. Unfortunately we lost tonight.... so season is over. There is always next season.


Mama said...

That really sucks that you did end up getting sick. But I am amazed you made it this long.
Why are you trying to sell your house? You never know, it only takes one person to sell it. THats what happened to us when we sold in Mac. It was on the market for 3 weeks and no one had looked at it. Then we had one guy come look and made an offer that night. We were out a month it can happen.
To bad your cruise was for Mexico! You have been looking forward to it for SO long!!!

Lex-a-roo said...

ugh... It's been a really bad time of year for being sick. We have so many sick patients. I've been out for the last 2 days, trying not to cough up a lung. I work for the Health department So we've been slammed with the swine flu paranoid people. I don't blame them but it gets a little crazy. so sorry you ar so sick. I hope you recover this weekend. good luck with all of your church stuff it sounds like you put in a lot of work.