Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quick note

SO! First football Sunday. My fantasy team is AWESOME this year. great day. great day.

We have moved in to our house! I will have to post more pictures but that would mean taking them. If you know me at all... I take a picture about every 6 months. I am so in love with this house. I know it is a just a house but it is a great one.

I took a bath in my bathtub a few nights ago. I could have swam in it. I forgot I was filling it and ended up shutting it off after realizing it had run out of hot water and had been running cold into my tub. Probably took the whole water heater to fill. Well I was bummer but decided to wait 15 minutes and see if I would have hot water again. 15 minutes later- scalding hot water. My next rhyme will be an ode to natural gas!

We have been settling in and having lots of fun with friends and family in the process. It seems there have been BBQ's, football games, dinners, birthdays- but you know... we can unpack later.

Cooked in the kitchen for the first time last night. very enjoyable even for someone who does not like cooking....

now to find those elusive items packed in boxes... :)

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