Thursday, July 29, 2010


Still doing Dave Ramsey...
working on staying on a Budget.
Most months we do pretty good. but I have trouble staying on my grocery and restaurant budget.

This month we had Matt and Judy come visit for 2 weeks. We had way too much fun and we spent our grocery, restaurant, and entertainment budgets about 7 days before the month ended.

We have been a little creative this week:

So Brian and I really want to see Inception.
Sunday we got in the car planning to go see it.

Brian: what envelope are we taking this out of?
Me: The clothing budget???
Brian: Should we really do that if we are sticking to budget?
Me: ..... silence .....
Brian: .... silence .....
We went grocery shopping instead and spent the rest of the grocery money.

Story 2:
So we have been enjoying zucchini from the garden and eating food we have had in the freezer forever.
Tuesday night we were dragging our feet making dinner.

Brian: lets just order Pizza
Me: where are we going to get the money for that?
we got up and made tuna noodles, fried Zucchini
Brian declared it the best dinner have had in the while... amazing what you can find in the cupboard.

3rd story:
We want to have Sushi for dinner tomorrow. We bought all the ingredients prior to running out of money except for smoked salmon. (we used it all up during last week's sushi party)
Brian is at a work event and got a free gift today: a wooden bowl and smoked salmon.

so here is for staying on a budget.

Oh yeah- going to Disneyland in 48 hours... can't wait. got an envelope for that too.

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Firefly said...

I like listening to Dave Ramsey. Your going to have to call in with a good Debt Free yell/scream when you reach the other end of your goal. :)