Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rainy Seattle

Brian and I went to Seattle a few weeks ago-

This is us in my Sister's Kitchen- can you tell she likes cows?

It was my sisters 22nd Birthday! This is the awesome vegan, gluten free cake she made. She is quite the cook.

I got to go to Pike's place and buy flowers with my sister and her boyfriend Adam. aww... aren't they cute??

The next day we got to go see my brother off- He is heading back to Alaska to be a deckhand on a crabbing boat. His ship is in the background... crazy big!
We also got eat dinner with my mom--- but a las no pics of her in this blog...

Shantel and I scored some deals at Goodwill... What do you think of this shirt... I said the aim of it was to cover the least amount possible- yes the string is the entire back of the shirt.... but then she said then what are the sleeves for?

Anyways... had a great time. Brian was in a conference and I got to bum around and shop and see the family...

Also went to caveman and got to see my college roomie Chalaina and my former MA Laura- who just got into DO school in Maine!!!!!

It was a nice time- the best part was that we stayed at the Marriot for 40 bucks a night... sweet... I love name your own price on priceline.

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