Sunday, March 8, 2009

March of the Johns

This week has had lots of fun filled things but also trying times at work-


We started our small group on Tuesday night.

I got to go shopping for cruise clothes with Nikki and Quentin. We danced around the new J Crew outlet store where I bought lots of fun clothes for the cruise and a few tops for work. Dined on soft pretzels for lunch... yummy. Quentin is 10 months old and he was such a good shopper!

Thursday night we ended up at Jason, Kylie, and Hannah's for a fun mexican feast. Kylie is such a great homemaker. Unfortunately I was little burned from the day at work... I think my insight that day what that people actually grill chicken in pans. I know all of you reading this blog are going to be like.... yeah Sunshine that's the only way to grill chicken. I have only ever baked chicken. I didn't know that you can just stick a raw chicken breast in a paw in some oil and it would cook a lot faster. I was just sitting there so tired from work listening to Katie tell me there is a whole other way to cook chicken that I have been missing out on!. So I haven't tried it yet. maybe I'll take a picture for you all when I do.

Work.... work... work. Same old same old. I know some things but there is so so much to learn. I think the funniest and saddest story of the week happened yesterday.

I was cruising along. Saw 9 patients in the morning and actually stayed on time... didn't get behind and on top of that charted on my patients. Was all caught up by 12:30 and went to lunch. I was like wow... this is what every day should be like.

My 1:30 patient... Was an 89 year old female who had called that day stating that her wrist hurt but she didn't know what happened to it. As I'm talking to her I realize she is confused. She can tell me where she is and the date but she just wasn't all there. What is up with confused people on Friday afternoons?? I go ask someone who knows her better if she normally is like this... and no. she is altered today. I'm like she's gotta have an infection. So I x-ray the wrist, also get Chest xray, the get lab work checking for infection. I wanted to check her for a urinary tract infection but she couldn't give me a urine sample.

So I'm trying to figure out what is going on with her and I walk past her room and realize she is trying to wheel herself out the door in her wheelchair. I'm like what is going on? She says I have to pee!!! So I wheel her over the bathroom and help her up and say oh... give me a sample while you are at it... and she pees on me, and all over the floor, all over her clothes.
so here I am- in the bathroom with this confused, elderly lady, who just peed on me!!!

I'm like... okay the day has gone downhill from lunch.
In the end- it turned out she didn't have pneumonia, and she didn't have a UTI. I still didn't know what was wrong with her wrist. But she did have a white count of 12,700. So- I gave her Rocephin and Zithromax, splinted her wrist in a thumb spica splint (covering for occult scaphoid fracture) and she is seeing her own doctor on Monday.
I just wanted to sit at my desk and cry... she peed on me and I can't fix her!!! but I think that's much of what internal medicine is... people aren't always fixable.
But alas I had to go see my other patients... who were waiting patiently for me. But at least the morning was awesome!


Chelsea said...

I definitely peed on myself once during rotations, but I think that takes the cake. Having someone else pee on you is way worse.

Lex-a-roo said...

I would want to cry too! Ugh. That's terrible I'm so sad that happened to you hopefully we'll be able to laugh about it someday when we don't take life so seriously. What did you do for the rest of the day? Did you have extra clothes?

Sunnishine said...

Chelsea you peed on yourself! due to stress??? She more peed on my shoes so it was okay. It was just a mess because it was all over the floor and she could barely stand and I' m like ahh!!! She's doing a lot better actually which means maybe that shot of Rocephin did something!!
you guys are great.