Saturday, March 14, 2009

Still Marching

Brian has been sick all this week. Poor guy has missed most of the work week. He made it in a few days but it just made him sicker and he went home. He's sleeping right now. I was hoping if he rested immediately upon getting it that we would see improvement by now but he's still miserable. I think overall he's kicking it though and should get better as long as he doesn't get something on top of it.

I've been seeing a patient for 6 weeks with pneumonia. Last week he was on my schedule again and I'm like what!! Isn't the poor guy better yet?? He looked sicker than I've seen him yet and the poor guy was positive for Influenza A on top of everything. Viruses on top of Viruses. anyways I used Relenza since he had only been getting sicker for the past 24 hours. Maybe we can stop that virus from replicating. and the flu is 20% resistant to Tamiflu.

So everyone around me is sick

my patients, my family, my friends have all gotten it. I have felt a little run down but haven't gotten anything yet!!! I just keep remembering the 6 weeks last year where I was so sick on my peds rotation and I think I got a lot of the bugs the adults are seeing this year last year. My theory- hopefully it's true.

So this week was mostly taking care of Brian and going to work!

Wednesday I went to a Blazer's game with Matt, Judy, and Laura. It was great fun but we lost. I got Brian a Pryzbila Jersey since he was too sick to go to the game. I so appreciate having great friends like Matt and Judy they are just some of the most fun loving, caring, listening people.

Sunday Judy and I are going to Portland. She's going to a wedding and dropping me off at the mall! I'm going sunglass shopping. I've got to get out of this sick house. Plus it's getting nicer and I broke my favorite sunglasses.

I'm thinking about tanning for the cruise. I have fair skin and don't tan easily. I figure if I start tanning 2 months before and go really slowly then I should have a nice tan by the time I get on the boat. it's so nice to have a vacation to look forward to. I'm so excited!!!!

Other than that I'm looking forward to my mom visiting next week. Her Brithday is on Wednesday and she is coming next weekend. We are planning a trip to the spa. If anyone knows any good spas in portland that are open on Sundays. I am all ears!!!

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Lex-a-roo said...

So does relenza really work? I've never even heard of it. Hope everyone starts feeling better. I'm seeing the same there over here on the coast.