Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exciting Happenings!!!

So Brian and I have wanted to sell our house for a few years. We were waiting till I finished school- paid down a little debt. but really we have lived in our lovely cute little house for 5 years and we are ready for a change. Now that I have finally lived at home for an entire year without traveling to a crazy rotation we need something new to spice up life!

Tuesday- after our 9th month total on the market we got an acceptable offer on our house!!!! The inspection was today so as long as that is acceptable and no financing bumps (they are pre-approved) we should be able to move at least by the end of September. Sooner if we have our way!

It is such a buyers market right now. We had to lower the price of our house by about $30,000 and even then the offers we finally started getting were $20,000 below what we were asking for. I don't fault them for trying but it's a little frustrating to get 3 offers in one week- each one lower than the previous unacceptable offer. But exciting at the same time to know that people want your house. So we got one of the offers to come up significantly to something reasonable and it is looking good!

We already have a house we have put an offer on. It is beautiful! In a neighborhood we didn't think we could afford.

Here are a few pics:

This is front. I think the Orange door is a sign that it should be ours!

This is the best part of the house- the amazing Kitchen. The pic actually doesn't do it justice.

This is the backyard porch. There is also a huge side yard.

3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. I think the perfect house for us. It is actually like 2 blocks from Brian's grandparents. Only a mile away from the house we are living now.

So we are praying and hoping and getting excited. Pray with us that things will go smoothly. With this crazy economy you never know.

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Lex-a-roo said...

Best of luck. The new house looks like tons of fun.