Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh the joys of another week gone by!

Oh I love life but this has been a long week.

I learned this week that I really can only work 4 days a week or else life just doesn't go so well. I think I've spent most of it ignoring my to do list, feeling overwhelmed, and just doing what needs to be done.

I worked M, Th, Fri this week and every day was crazy busy- filled with interesting diagnoses and fun patients. I loved it but needed a few moments to catch my breath. Just today alone was shingles, MRSA abscess (that I drained- oh I love pus), fibula fracture, 2 patients with chest pain, COPD with acute exacerbation, and then to top it off appendicitis. I haven't had a hot appendix in a while. I felt her belly and said get over the the hospital and get yourself a CT and come back afterwards. Well she never made it back- I called the surgeon while she sat in Radiology and had her walk over to surgery from here. She should do well. Oh and a few more patients besides these ones they just didn't have hot super cool diagnoses. so whine whine. I haven't charted on a single one.
I have decided it is Sabbath and charting can wait until Sunday!

The reason I am cranky is because Tues and Wed I had to get up early and drive to Portland for ACLS. Long two days. but now I can attempt to bring you back to life if you die. charging! Clear! All dead people deserve epi. It made me itch to work in an ER of something or be a paramedic where I actually used some of these skills.

So whine whine, the house is a mess and we got a Tree on Sunday but haven't had the time to decorate it. The tree is super cool through. 9 feet tall. We tromped around the tree farm in the mud and I kept saying I wanted to get the biggest tree we could find since we have such high ceilings. We got a beautiful one. We didn't realize the tree farm would come pick up our tree for us after we cut it down. We cut it down and hauled it 200 feet or so. That thing was heavy. Then we get to the front and they were like oh we could have gotten that... hmm...
I am looking forward to decorating the inside of the house this weekend.

Our Christmas lights on our new house! That sign in the upper window is Joy.

This is some of our moving party a
few months ago- in our new Kitchen!

This is our awesome Bathroom. I am loving the size- two sinks plus vanity space. To the right is a nice big bathtub and shower.
Toilet and multiple cupboards are behind me.

So anyways... there is something wrong with our camera... i am not sure what is up with the grainy lines. But happy Days--- God is good!

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