Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stuff and Things!

An update...

no we are not pregnant. Everyone else I know is. Congratulations to you all! So excited for you.

For now we are just enjoying living life-

rather than blogging we have been-

Getting our yard in shape! It looks great and it's only the end of February!

Planning to plant a Garden this year.

Watching the Olympics.

Hanging out with good friends!

Working hard at our respective jobs- I have been busy with cold season and one of our other providers is taking a Sabbatical. I get to see all his patients and all of mine- I've been full most days which is nice- job security. Yesterday I diagnosed several cases of pneumonia. And my COPD patient with pneumonia who's O2 saturation was 83% the other day- went up to 93% after a few days of prednisone and antibiotics. I tried to give him some oxygen... but he didn't want any. Fun FUN!
Oh and last week I had a small bowel obstruction... I was hoping it was just really bad constipation and after running it by my supervising doc (what do you think about these dilated loops of small bowel on my plain films??) and deciding to give Miralax... I saw first hand how Miralax really worsen's small bowel obstructions. Into surgery she went.
Everything for the most part is going pretty well at work.

I have been doing biggest loser at work. I joined the gym and go 4-5 days per week. I also joined a walking group 3 days a week. And I have been eating 1200 calories/day. My clothes are starting to fit better- but I am determined to win the cash price at the end. I have been feeling like I cannot stick to a diet or exercise plan in the past few years so I am excited to have stuck to something for 4 weeks... we will see how the 8 more weeks go. I think the competitive spirit helps a lot.

We also just started a Dave Ramsey- Financial Peace class. Follow the baby steps and we may just end up ahead in the end. Good concepts. I highly recommend him!

Thus- since we started this class- we are not going to Europe just yet. I can't get a new car till I have cash for it... that may be a little while. But learning how to save money rather than spend it... priceless :)

Ah! life is so good! God is good!

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Megan said...

My brother and his family follow Dave Ramsey. Their daughter learned "It's not in the budget!" very early on! They find his advice to work extremely well for them. Good luck! And I love that you start off a blog update with news that you are NOT pregnant. Isn't that what everyone always assumes :)