Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby steps to a baby church

Life is fun!

Work is work- had 13 patients on Thursday which is my record- Had a ton of charting at the end of the day and lose ends to tie up and what did I do?? Walked out the door at 5:30 with my friend Donna and met the church ladies for food at Kwan's! But only had 7 patients on Friday so got to catch up the charting then.

Friday was migraine day- I have not had any patients with a migraine since I started working and Friday I had 3. Since I worked in Neurology before PA school I like to think that I know a little about Migraines. Fun fun.

Saturday night we had a John family bowling extravaganza. We ended up having 15 people over at our house for pizza and then went over and bowled a few games... We somehow ended up keeping the bumper's up so I actually didn't bowl as bad as I usually do. IT was kind of fun picking up that last pin by banking if off the bumper.

Today I woke up with barely enough time to throw on some clothes and go check out the church we are thinking of renting for the church plant. I snuck in the back and enjoyed the worship service. The service was on setting goals for the new year and sang a few songs. The church was a nice size and the kids wing has river of life flowing through it- it might just be what we are looking for.

Brian and I made some really good pasta from this recipe we found today: Baked penne pasta with mushrooms. Halfway through we realized we didn't have a dutch oven or an immersion blender so we made up our own sauce. It was delicious though and we shared it with our Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. (WE thought since we were cooking we better invite someone over- we don't cook very often...)

Finally- we ate and had worship. Then we headed over to the church for our church business meeting. THE CHURCH VOTED TO APPROVE THE CHURCH PLANT. I am not always politically correct and my comments can be divisive so I got to sit in the pew and watch a few trusted people voice what we've been praying about. It went so well- there were lots of questions but resoundingly people were behind a new church plant. It's going to happen!!

Greater things are still to be done in this city!!!

After the meeting we headed over to get our homemade quilts from Brian's uncle. WE picked out the material and he made us two quilts out of it. We are so blessed to have great family. They turned out excellent as you can see below:

This is the quilt that Brian chose the colors for. I love the paisley and the polka dots and it will go on our bed!

This is my girly one I picked out. It's going to be a lap blanket for me.

They both have flannel backings so are really soft and comfy...

Brian already has a lap blanket that his uncle made for him many years ago. It is our favorite blanket in the house but not big enough for us to sleep comfortably together with which is why we asked him to make a few more!


Lex-a-roo said...

Wow those are such beautiful quilts!

Lex-a-roo said...

Wow those are such beautiful quilts!

Firefly said...

I'm facinated. Brian's uncle must be pretty cool if it was truely he who made the quilts.