Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The sheer laziness of it all

I had the day off today and decided to not try to do everything. Normally on my days off I try to get a ton done and then am more worn out than as if I worked all day. I think I went a little too far the other way though today... now I just feel lazy....

I did get up and was at our Adventist school by 8:05 AM.
Judy, who I tend to rope into quite a few things, has roped me into this 6 week commitment where we get to go to the school every Wednesday. The was the 2nd week.
We are leading a MODESTY class. It's actually kind of fun. We have a little book with 6 chapters and we just discuss it with the 6-8th grade girls. I think it's a much needed topic and the girls are all at the age where they are still open to talking about things and the hormones are starting to hit but haven't hit full blast. Today we talked about why you should dress modestly and also how to dress modestly. Mostly we just try to let the girls share their thoughts and then work on guiding those thoughts to spiritual and modesty themes.

By 8:45 I was at the gym. Wow it was packed... New Years Resolutions. Kickboxing... The instructor was a little crazy and it actually ended up being a fun dance class. We were all wiggling our hips and jumping across the room like crazy people. Much better than regular kickboxing.

10: 15 I was at the grocery store..... This is where it fell apart... I ended up wandering around the aisles looking at things I had coupons for- for like an hour.... not really buying that much stuff luckily. I got things like blood oranges and flaky pastry bites... Once I got off track the day kind of fell apart.

By noon I had finally showered and ate lunch with Brian.

I then spent the afternoon reading a book and feeling lazy. Cleaned out the medicine cabinet.... Now that I've started wasting time I can't stop.... I just want to stare blankly in space and play addictive nonsensical games on my computer. All. Day...

The redeeming part of this day is that I made Prime Rib for the first time ever. I found this fun cooking blog that has mouthwatering pictures of everything. It really wasn't as hard to make as I thought it might be and it turned out delicious. I bought a little meat thermometer which took the guessing out of things. Fun fun. We loved it.

The nice thing about this laziness is that I know it's going to come to an end soon. I'm actually storing up energy for this weekend!!! Brian is going skiing tomorrow for the day. Friday I'm driving to Seattle to go to a Katy Perry concert with my sister!!!! It's sold out. Luckily I bought tickets like two hours after they went on sale. I've had them for months... So. Excited.

It also turns out to be the same weekend that the 24-7 church is hold this huge outreach on the UW campus this weekend. A great speaker and party afterwards. We are going to go for the morning session.
But then it turns out Tat's funeral at 4 PM. So we are going to drive up north after the session. Pay our respects. Hang with my mom. (I get to sing Blessed Assurance) and then jet back to SEattle.
It will be a packed crazy weekend. Just what I thrive on. We have it all planned out.
My sister is a little stressed because she has two midterms and a paper due next week. She is so busy...
So I will have to leave her to study on Sunday.

I have to get back here for a big church plant meeting Sunday night. Just amazing... so many fun things to be a part of. I don't want to miss anything.

What else to blog about... I love playing games. We stayed up really late playing all sorts of games with Joe and Katie Saturday night. Joe would not leave. Even though he knew the late hour and everyone else was winding down. We wound down around 12:30 AM and they didn't end up leaving until about 1:30. Joe was just like no... I'm staying longer. I'm glad we are getting to be good enough friends that they feel comfortable hanging out till the wee hours of the AM.

Earlier that night I made Brian take me to Bride Wars. He actually kind of enjoyed it and I always love a girlie movie... no matter how predictable it is.

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Lex-a-roo said...

Everyone needs a day off. It sounds like a really busy day actually.