Sunday, August 23, 2009


I just got back from fantasy football draft. My 2nd year in a row playing. I didn't really try to play but they decided they needed me so I went. I think I just like shocking people about how fast I spend my draft money. But I got Adrian Peterson who is #1 draft pick for pretty cheap. No we shall see how the season goes. I am ready....

Church was awesome this weekend. I just amazes me how God is so much bigger than my plans. Both Brian and I were exhausted Friday night and didn't have music together and I didn't prepare for Sabbath school until lying in bed sabbath morning. We arrived at 8 AM. No powerpoint ready for music but a bunch of song books. Passed them out to the congregation and took requests. People said it was the music was awesome. wow.. so God. Then sabbath school I sended up with 3 x the teens I thought I would have and we spent sabbath school singing and planning Toby Mac concerts and had a short devotional thought and wow... God blessed because I didn't plan anything. I think the most important thing sometimes is just showing up. will put a little more planning into next week :)

Then we headed to the beach to meet Ricky and Kathy. We had a wonderful relaxing time in Newport looking at the ocean, hanging out by the Bay, and eating yummy breakfast.

Now we are back and ready to start the week!!!!

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