Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good friends

Brian and I have some good friends.

Friday night Joe showed up on our doorstep with 3 dozen cookies!!!!! They were still warm. so yummy and just what we needed.

My mom came Friday-Sunday to spend some time with us.

Matt and Judy came over for lunch after church. Brian made gourmet Baked Ziti, my mom made a delicious salad, and I made some garlic bread. They ended up staying until 11 PM!!! Oh I am so glad we have friends that feel comfortable hanging out at our house all day. We were determined to finish a puzzle (which we did after 8 hours of intense labor), played some ladder golf, and each took small cat naps throughout the day.

We also, with the help of Nikki, Matt, and Quentin went again to look at the house we are planning on buying. we probably spent an hour just walking around dreaming. What a nice way to spent sabbath.

Today is Nikki's birthday so we got to go out to Crescent cafe and celebrate!!! Whoo hoo. Worth the wait- the food was delicious.

So thank you my friends. And for all my friends that live far away or I haven't seen in a while. I miss you and treasure you as well.

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