Friday, August 21, 2009

oh wow the week is over!

I just want to put life on pause. There were so many great things that happened this week but it flew by so fast! Last night I was so overwhelmed and tired and just kept thinking I have 3 hours of charting left and it's only 9 o'clock. I had wanted to post a blog yesterday regarding interesting patient diagnoses but a las... I forgot half of what I had planned in my head.

Anyways... will spout off now about work. I think I am starting to feel like I have hit a groove of things. I am getting faster at seeing patients and more confident in my diagnosis.
Which is why when I had a 90 something year old with a fever, cough, and urinary symptoms Tuesday I diagnosed a UTI, read her CXR as normal and promptly went on my way... Thursday I get back to work.... hmm... her urine had no growth even though pretty positive on dip. and oh... she went to the ER because I missed a pretty glaring pneumonia on x-ray. I went back and reviewed the films. My supervisor was like- on Tuesday- I walked past the films saw the pneumonia, poked my head in the door and said hi to your patient (he was primary) and told her you would fix her up. Didn't think you would miss something as obvious at that. Bummer. We made the decision that if he see's pneumonia on my films maybe he should double check that I noticed but kick myself... because crap... I screwed up. But oh yeah life goes on.

I learned a ton about anemia from one patient I have been working with. a couple weeks ago they walked in very dizzy. ran tests... hey your blood count is really low... you need a transfusion. Fixed up with a transfusion. Usually when that happens it's because of GI bleeding. so I worked up for that.. but nothing turned up. Ran other tests... wow... hmm. low retic count. Macrocytic anemia with normal B12 level... Bone marrow biopsy. Acute myelogenous leukemia. Very sad. but a very good lesson on how to work it up and diagnose it. I was like what is going on? this is weird something is wrong..

anyways. I had another dizzy patient today.. I was like you have benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Then I dipped her urine... oh wait you have a urinary tract infection. ahh the ever learning life of a PA.

Anyways I noticed I kind of stopped blogging when our church plant started so I should update everyone on that.

Riversedge Seventh Day Adventist church has been up and running since May 1st!
I have been blessed by many amazing messages. and am grateful for our fearless leader Jim John. Brian and I have been doing music like crazy people most weeks. We need more musicians!! We have pulled many people in to help. But we enjoy doing music and worship and it has been awesome to see people learning songs and singing along. And just singing praises to God.
I am leading the youth. Mostly I have around age 12-13. They are an awesome group. this week I have convinced myself that we need to go see David Crowder Band in October. The girls to the revolve tour in November and Toby Mac in December. So need to start fundraising!
We have 40-70 people come every week which we think is awesome for summer time. Oh so many great things. God is blessing and I think what is happening is so out of our control.
I have settled into a regular pattern. This fall I think we may shake things up a bit. But wow I can't believe everything that has happened. I am not too worn out yet :) mostly just loving life and trying to keep my head above water. Praying every day!

anyways about to fall asleep and it is only 9 AM on a Friday night! Off to slumber and then church plant time.

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