Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so blessed. WE got to go to Brian's Uncle Jim and Aunt Darla's and do Thanksgiving John family style. I was great with that- we just had to bring the games, coldstone premade pie, and veggies and dip. I was sad that my mother in law, Kathy, was too sick to come. Got to play catch phrase with Brian's Grandpa and be taken down in Dutch Blitz by my brother in law Jason. Got to briefly hold my Niece Hannah. I say briefly because her darling 5.5 month self was the hit of the party. We were trying to coach her to crawl but she may have a little while before that takes place. I will post the family photo once someone emails it to me.

Tomorrow we are going to get up at 5 AM and go shopping but honestly Brian and I are so blessed and spoiled we really don't need anything and I haven't gotten my Christmas gift list figured out. Then I plan to be back in McMinnville early enough to start work at 8. Yes... I do get to work the day after thanksgiving and Even Saturday clinic this weekend but I figure it's a fine trade off to have 5 days in a row off at Christmas. Christmas we get to make the trek to visit my side of the family!

So blessings:
1. A wonderful husband.
2. Two excellent jobs.
3. A roof over our heads.
4. Christmas lights!
5. A toshiba laptop to blog from.
6. Talking with both my mom and my dad today.
7. Bilateral 20/15 vision thanks to the greatness of LASIK surgery.
8. New makeup from MAC- courtesy of my random shopping spree last week.
9. A great church and an awesome God led church planting team.
10.A Master's degree
11.This time last year I was in Ecuador celebrating Thanksgiving with Ecuadorians and Australians.
12. I have all my front teeth!
13. I had my wisdom teeth removed for free back in the day- since I worked for the surgeon.
14. Got to read the 2nd book in the Twilight series last night... Amazing!
15. My house is clean.
16. My rock band drum set.
17. We got to go to a Blazer's game already this season.
18. I know what an Omental infarction is and I got to diagnose it last week.
19. I barely cook but for some reason there is plenty of food in my house.
20. Our friends Matt and Judy
21. Women's Bible Study
22. My husband likes to shop. In a manly way.
23. The game Dutch Blitz
24. My mom and my sister who are teaching me the value of clipping coupons.
25. I have a secret Katy Perry addiction and have concert tickets to see her in January.
26. Our treadmill that we don't use enough
27. The new siding on our house that my dad and I put on.
28. Union Block Vanilla Spiced Chai
29. Hawaii vacations.
30. Orange is my favorite color.
31. My fantasy football team.
32. Putting puzzles together
33. My daily sudoku calender
34. Facebook- it's kind of an addiction.
35. Walking with Jesus daily.
36. Salvation.
37. 37. 37. 37.

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Lex-a-roo said...

oh my gosh... I was checking Chelsea's blog and found your link I'm so glad you're a blogger now.