Monday, November 24, 2008

Just another musing Monday

It's almost Thanksgiving! Just have to work a few more days.

Yesterday Brian and I put up Christmas lights! So beautiful! WE are going for something not quite as over the top as the pic on the left. Still have some more work to do.

Today I tried really hard to diagnose someone with appendicitis. I knew something was up when they didn't have a fever or an elevated white count. Alas, they had what the radiologist referred to as an omental infarction. Which I couldn't even find on up-to-date. So now working them up for why they would have an omental infarction. EKG, holter monitor and the like. Fun fun.

Oh we got to do lots of fun things this weekend but I did stretch myself and taught youth sabbath school. I hadn't been to youth in over a year and then got asked to teach. The lesson was on Nehemiah and how he was the King's cupbearer. Nehemiah performed his duty faithfully and one day he wasn't quite up to par and the king noticed and asked why he was so sad. And then Nehemiah shared the burden of his heart. He wanted to rebuild the city of Judah and the temple. Nehemiah goes on to be a strong leader and mobilizes other Israelities to accomplish that goal.
So do the task you find yourself in faithfully. God can do great things.

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