Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's holiday season!

We love the holidays. We've been playing Christmas carols since before Halloween. Today I'm going to get all our Christmas decor out and just start looking at it. I wanted to start hanging Christmas lights but since my back hasn't been doing well Brian doesn't want me to get up on the roof so must wait until the men can do it after Thanksgiving or so.

Work has been trying. I love seeing patients but have had some challenging cases. I just wish I had all the answers and had so much more experience than I do. I'm always running to my office and looking things up or running to ask one of the great docs in my practice. I know this is normal and this is where I am at in learning. However, by the end of the day I just sit at my desk with my charts and think... ahh... am I going to get better at this or will it always be this way? Luckily my coworkers are quite supportive and although I have a fear that one might might say in frustration "Sunshine, you should know this already, quit asking me this stuff!" no one has said anything of the sort. They have been very encouraging and keep reminding me that I need to ask these questions and can't rely on myself. So humbling.

We had lunch with some friends from Southern Adventist University in Tennessee yesterday. We saw them at church a few weeks ago and said hey... we knew you in Tennessee and now you are at our home church in Oregon! Such a fun Adventist world. We had fun playing guitar and reminiscing about friends we had at Southern. Brian and I met at Southern and have so many great memories from there.
Our friends Gabe and Maria

Then we went to the new James Bond movie. It was action packed. I definitely recommend it if you are male. Us girls enjoyed it okay but it was definitely geared towards the male sex.
Next we went home and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was actually kind of cute and I got all those chipmunk songs stuck in my head.
Now going to start putting up those Christmas decorations!!!

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