Sunday, November 9, 2008

Musings before I lay me down to sleep

So Chelsea pointed out that I was a little critical of myself last blog. That is true... But I actually kind of think it's cute of me to do everything half way. Most things I come back and finish promptly and even the crazy long term projects are what they are... I've been cross stitching these four fruit patterns for a couple years and making a collage for my dining room wall in my mind for at least a year. But I like that about myself... what is the point of finishing the project right away? Then I would just have to go find a new project to occupy my time. And the cool thing about me is that I usually finish the projects in my mind eventually. Like next spring I will finish planting grass seed.

Today I raked up all the leaves that had fallen in our backyard. I've decided I really like raking leaves. It's just such a big mess that looks better then cleaned up. But I flared up my sciatic nerve while doing it. The past few months I've known that I was aggravating it and that I needed to rest and let it calm down. Well I thought things had calmed down but it was pretty mad at me for raking leaves.

Later on today we went into Portland to meet my mom for lunch and I was limping around the mall... uggh!! I hate pain... it makes me cranky. Luckily I went to my Physician Assistant a month or so ago, who is awesome and graduated from my program 7 plus years before me, and got some cyclobenzaprine just for this occasion. I knew we were heading in this direction.

So yeah... had another church plant meeting tonight. Totally awesome. We're going to start looking for more core group members now that we have the main focus down on paper. We wanted to stay small at first- kind of a too many cooks in the kitchen kind of thing. It's going to happen! Pray! Pray! And I think I might start taking guitar/keyboarding/drum lessons so that we can beef up our worship team. Can't decide which one. I already have a guitar so that may be the least expensive to start!

So since I mentioned my mom and haven't been posting a lot of pics lately I thought I would post some pics of Ecuador around this time last year.

My mom taking a steam bath in a box in banos... She came back the next AM for another go.

My mom standing on the Equator... She is such a trooper. Right after this we got on THE MOST crowded bus I've ever been on and booked it back to Quito. We didn't want to miss our flight. IT was so crowded we didn't actually get in the bus cabin and stood with 7 other people in the cab with the driver.

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