Monday, February 2, 2009

A record day!

I have had so much to blog about lately but no motivation to blog...
so this will be a post of random things I have been doing since I last blogged:

1) Saw Katy Perry... 5th row center. There was a really tall 6'2'' girl in front of us but she moved and we actually became concert buddies. Wow... went from staring at her back thinking bad thoughts to laughing... Katy was awesome. Liked the opening band the Daylights--- SVEN...
Also highlight of the night was standing in line outside taking turns ordering to go from the sit down asian place. Nothing like fancy chicken teriyaki while your standing in line freezing to death- waiting for KATY!!

2) Went to my friends funeral and sang Blessed Assurance. It was so good to see old church friends! people have changed.

3) Saw my little brother... he all of a sudden is clean shaven and hair styled. I don't have pics to post but he looks normal... I kind of miss his beard.

4) Drank Bubble Tea on the Ave in Seattle and played Texas Hold EM. I am not very good at Poker but can play... oh and I do love Bubble Tea.

5)... that was all in one day....

6) Had a great day watching the superbowl. Go Arizona!!! ... it was a good game. I am okay that the Steeler's won.

7) Went and watched the Blazer's beat the Utah Jazz. It was kind of a blow out but so much fun. Love all the great food. I decided to take laps of the stadium between courses.

8) Today... saw my record... 15 patients. 2 Migraines... I can do migraines. And lots of other stuff...

9) Battled a virus with my husband. I won!!! I really like my humidifer. Brian hasn't quite conquered yet but I have full faith that he will soon.

10) Got our first request to see our house since we put it up for sale by owner. Tomorrow!! Just spent an hour cleaning the house... It looks awesome! wouldn't it be great if the first people that looked at it wanted it??

11) Held a two week old baby. Changed his diaper, let him suck on my finger. Waited for mom to come home so he could actually eat... so little!

12) Worked on Church planting... we need prayer! This is the time where we are mobilizing people and helping people get into positions of leadership. Except we have never done that before. We've got about 20 people signed up as charter members. I'm working on getting small groups started. We have been attacked of late... out core team members have a had a lot of stress and I really think the timing isn't a coincidence. It will happen. just must persevere.

13) Thought about taking a vacation.... dreamed more than planned. We would like to go with some friends. So far most people are busy and/or don't have the money... which makes sense...

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