Sunday, September 14, 2008


My mind is mush. I am taking my physician assistant boards on Tuesday. I have been studying and studying. I'm starting to freak out about what I should be scoring on the practice tests and what I am scoring. Should I postpone the test and study more? I have been studying 3 solid hours a day for one month. There is still lots I could go over but I know I've gone over most of the essentials. So one more day of studying and then the BIG day.

Then Thursday-Hawaii... pretty excited about Hawaii. I've ordered a new suitsuit. Check it out on super sale. Since going to the gym daily didn't quite get me into bikini shape decided to buy a cute one piece. Will have to work on limiting oral intake as well. Sad because I love food so much. And I got a cute sun dress at Walmart for cheap. And I've requested books from the library to relax and read on the beach. Did I mention I'm excited. Brian and I are going with my Inlaws who are a blast and we should have a fun vacation. We are trying to top the Disneyworld Excursion of 2005.

Also- I am trying not to think about the fact that I did so badly on Fantasy football today. I was projected to get 90 points and only ended up getting 51 and sorely lost to my opponent who scored only 78. LT and Addai didn't have the games I and they were hoping for.

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