Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunshine John PA-C

So Thursday morning I woke up spontaneously at 6:30 AM. Now other people may do that but I do not. Just ask my husband, any opportunity to sleep in I am there. But I am laying bed thinking I could check my exam scores and then the other thought is... we are going to Hawaii today. So I drag myself out of bed and my cute early riser of a husband is already awake. He's like I've checked your exam scores every five minutes since I got up and they are not up. Wouldn't that be awful if he knew before me? So I sit down and check my email and in my inbox is an email saying my scores were in that was time stamped the exact same minute I was checking. And I passed!!!!!!!! I am a PA-C. I can now stand proud as a certified Physician Assistant. Also know that I still have lots to learn. Who hoo!!!!!!!!!!!

On top of that I in my excitement I get to go to Hawaii on the same day I find out. Awesome. So we get to the airport and somehow we all get upgraded to first class. Totally our day. I was starving so we grab some Wendy's as our flight is boarding and rush on to the plane. I plop down in my seat and then realize that there is a rather large comfortable looking middle aged man next to me where my husband is supposed to be sitting. So Brian has to stand up in the middle of first class with a bag of Wendy's and wait for the flight attendants figure out who is actually supposed to be sitting there. (I wonder how many people in first class had eaten at Wendy's in the last year) It was the airlines fault. Their tickets both said 5A. But they ended up moving the comfortable looking man and letting me sit next to Brian. So we lay back in first class.
Now I did not realize (Because I'm too lazy to pay attention to these kinds of details) that is was a 6 hour flight. So about hour Four I am getting pretty bored. Kathy, my mother-in-law, and I get the bright idea we should throw M & M's across the aisle at the guys who are engrossed in a movie. This backfires on us as Rick rallies back by calling the flight attendant over and tattling on us. The flight attendant bends down and says conspiratorially you know I have more M & M's if you need some. So you really can do anything in first class.

So we get to beautiful Hawaii. We are staying on the north shore right now with an oceanside view. It is beautiful. Spectacular. Last night we went to a Luau. Way fun. Got lei's and ate amazing food and watched fire dancers under the stars. Here are some pictures.

Ricky looking tan


Here's a perfect example of how I can't really be controlled. I have to admit this pic would be cuter if I'd followed suit :)

The view from our hotel room

Brian and I doing the Luau

Living it up in Hawaii!

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