Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Packing Packing

So avoiding packing. I don't like to pack until the very last minute. I don't know how many people have asked me already if I've started packing yet. No- it is 4 PM and we are leaving tomorrow at 9:30 AM. A little too early to be packed in my opinion. I don't like to pack until the day I am leaving or if unavoidable the night before. I feel like I am more likely to forget things if I pack in stages because there are always my favorite things that I have leave out because I use them everyday. And what if I packed too early and then right before I left tried to throw all those great favorite things in and forgot one??? That would be horrible. I hate the half packed half not packed feeling.

I have however done the errand stuff. I bought sunblock and aloe vera for when I burn. (RED hair :) and I just got aqua socks at Walmart for $1.00. And my swimsuit came from J. Crew. I must say it is a tad more lime green than I had pictured and it am not sure it I can pull it off but will have much fun trying.

On a highlight. I got to go out with my sister-in law Kylie and my new Niece Hannah for lunch. I was quite distracted by Hannah because it was the first time she actually made faces and interacted with me. (She is a little over 3 months.) I was having so much fun playing with her I wasn't the best conversationalist and kind of forgot to eat a little. Way fun.

Brian and Hannah

Then my dear friend Judy came over and introduced me to KFC's little Bucket parfaits for dessert. I had never heard of them. But apparently they have been around for a while because Judy remebered them from her childhood back in the days when she wasn't a Vegetarian. I do recommend them. They were quite good. But I am scared to look at the nutrition facts.
Anyways. Next post I should be in Hawaii... Pretty excited.

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