Monday, September 29, 2008

Shoving boxes around

So today I am cleaning out our storage unit. Trying to clear it out by the 1st so we don't have to pay more rent. Borrowed a truck and am shoving boxes around and putting them in the garage. Then the plan is to go through them and hopefully decide to get rid of much of it by Friday when the garage sale is scheduled. Motivation. The only problem is I couldn't sleep last night!!!! I laid in bed for an hour and then got up and read an entire book. Even Now- by Karen Kingsbury. Definitely a feel good read. So only got 6 hours of sleep. Now to normal people that would be a survivable day but me-I need my sleep. Just ask my husband.

In fact somehow I managed to get a master's degree without ever losing sleep due to school. Now I may have lost sleep due to having too much fun but I always figured it would be more productive to get sleep and work the next day than to stay up studying and be cranky the following day. In fact most nights before tests I usually don't study- even if I'm not really prepared. Too stressful- I remember many nights where I would turn in early before a big test- start a new book and then end up staying up till 2 AM reading the book. Yeah- I guess I don't work well under pressure.

So this morning, as tired as I was, I went to the gym. By 10 AM I was so tired I was having trouble doing the cool down stretches and about to fall apart right on my gym mat. The concept of doing heavy lifting after that was a bit overwhelming. I was like- "I think I'll go home and take a nap..."

Yes it is true. I am whining about my poor life I lead- where I have no job, I stay up till 2 AM, and still, thanks to my great husband, can afford to go the gym. So thus I am pressing on and will at least get everything out of the storage unit today. I am halfway done. Just taking a little... break.

So I feel like I could be intelligent and talk about the economic crisis. The house vetoed Bush's 700 billon bailout this morning. I am not sure how I feel about it. I think maybe the companies should deal with their own mess and go bankrupt but then if society in general is going to hurt by these companies crumbling (meaning I or my friends or my family will suffer huge financial losses or hardship) maybe the bailout is a good idea. Not sure. Just happy that I have a job and my husband has a job.

And on another note I am totally kicking Brian's butt on our fantasy football matchup. Just waiting for tonights game to seal the deal. Right now it's like 113 to 78. ..... So glad he invited me to join :)

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