Friday, February 6, 2009

37 things- AKA the facebook virus

1. I have a facebook addiction
2. I miss eating at Zaxby's in Georgia.
3. I am really excited that McDonald's has sweet tea right now.
4. This year will be Brian and my 5 year anniversary
5. We would like to go on a cruise in a couple months.
6. I love concerts
7. I read regularly
8. I watch way more television now that I am older than I did when I was younger.
9. Our church plant is going to be called: Rivers Edge Seventh Day Adventist Church
10. I love the color orange
11. Being a physician assistant is an awesome job... one where I learn new things every day.
12. I love puzzles and collect Ravensberger brand ones.
13. I have written the word Europe nearly every day for the past 10 years because someone once said keep your goals visualized and someday you will accomplish them. Still working on Europe. I am pretty good at this whole delayed gratification thing.
14. I am pretty good at keeping up the laundry
15. I just spent 60 dollars on used jeans at a thrift store. I figured they fit... I would probably spend just as much on a new pair... Wearing them right now.
16. Jesus Christ paid the debt for my sins. I am a sinner and strive to be more like Jesus daily.
17. I spent a year in Russia as a student missionary. It was the most depressing year of my life but I learned so much about myself and my faith. Hope I had an effect on my students.
18. My favorite rotation in PA school was my trauma rotation. I just liked the adrenaline and the hospital atmosphere.
19. Brian and I met in Tennessee.
20. My women's small group just read the "Organic God" by Margaret Feinberg. It is awesome.
21. I really liked the Twilight series.
22. I pierced my ears for the first time over a year ago. The day before I went to Ecuador. They got a little infected in Ecuador but I survived.
23. I have a super nintendo
24. My computer has a virus right now so I am using Brian's new computer. I miss mine but think I'm going to get a pink one next week.
25. I love Dr. Pepper but drink Diet Dr. Pepper because it has less calories. Diet Dr. Pepper is pretty good too.
26. I love fresh cherries. I love cherry flavored candy. I love maraschino cherries. I hate cherry pie.
27. I have veneers. I didn't buy them for myself. They were a gift.
28. Grey's Anatomy is my favorite TV show.
29. I would like to be a beter listener. Especially to my husband.
30. My husband calls me trouble. But I know he thinks I'm pretty cool.
31. I cross-stitch
32. I hate coffee
33. I don't really like getting massages. They seem to be kind of nice at the time and then I usually feel worse afterwards.
34. My first job was as a waitress at a drive-in.
35. I grew up really close to Canada.
36. I have a binder full of coupons. I'm trying to be good at using them. I got salad dressing yesterday on sale for 3 dollars with a one dollar manufacturers coupon then a double coupon coupon... so it was only a dollar.
37. 37 is my favorite number.

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