Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ode to the last day of February

February is a short month. I am ready for it to be over. It's been a good month and full of awesome things but with a cruise to look forward to in May... Lets move on to March!!!

I think the best part of the month is the new friendships we've made and the old friendships that we've celebrated. Brian and I have been hanging out with lots of couple friends. I am very much an extrovert so have just been soaking up the opportunities to eat out, hang out, go to movies, go walking, go out for chai tea.

I haven't been blogging because when I'm at home I've been playing this game called Hammerfall on Facebook. I am such a dork for playing an RPG game but I am so addicted. It is consuming my hours.

Other than that work has been busy. I saw my record of 17 patients the other day. I was a little frazzled by the end. And I'm supposed to do this every day. The job is still awesome though. I get to see a variety of things every day. My last patient on Friday I'm pretty sure had sepsis. She had a fever of 103.1, altered mental status, labored respirations and by report she was in to see me for a swollen leg. I'm thinking cellulitis that turned into sepsis but could not get her pants off to examine the leg. I turfed her to the ER before she crumped in my office. Freaked me out... Rightly so. I called her actual doc (he was just a hallway over) that knew her over to make sure she wasn't in her normal state and then to the ER she went.

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Lex-a-roo said...

Wow, I haven't had anything that scary happen yet... I'm ready for March too.