Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh Happy Day

well... lazy day. I convinced Brian to stay home sick on my day off today. Good thing I did because he was pretty sick. Lots of clutching the stomach. I tried to feed him what I tell all my patients to eat with stomach viruses: Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast, and Yogurt. But he doesn't like Yogurt and Bananas. Applesauce and Toast made him sicker. So I just kept feeding him toast, water, and propel. We shall get through this.

I had gotten the bright idea to make freezer meals on Sunday. I ran out and got all the ingredients to make freezable chicken pot pie. So I ended up making it from scratch tonight. It tasted awesome. and Brian got to enjoy it and not get sick. And then I had another one to stick in the freezer. We shall see. I figure Brian will be able to pop it in when I'm working till 7.

I am toying the with idea of meal planning. People say once you do it you save money and life is easier. Just seems like a lot of energy to change habits.

I got a new dell computer yesterday. My other one was taken over by a virus and is pretty much toast. This one is pink!!! It is awesome. and No viruses. shall purchase virus protection from here on out. I am just spoiled rotten- iphones and laptops.

God is good.


Firefly said...

I kind of do meal planning. Based on when I think I'll go shoping next I make a list of what meals sound good for say 14 days. Then I go item by item adding to my list what ingredients I don't have. I usually try to have the meals with the fresher ingredients earlier on so they don't spoil but I don't stick to a strict this meal is for this day. Not sure if its cheaper but means less excess trips to the store for a missing ingredient. Then I wing it for lunch and breakfast.

Lex-a-roo said...

I've been thinking about doing freezer food too but I just don't have all that much room in my freezer. I started doing the menu planning and it has saved us a couple of hundred $$ so far. I move the foods around during the week sometimes and sometimes I stray from the plan it but helps me to have a plan instead of the "what's for dinner problem".