Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Do not drink Chai Tea at 9 PM

So... I drank Chai TEa tonight. because it is so yummy and have been awake for hours. I tried to go to bed at 10:30 but here I am still awake at 1:30 AM and my alarm is set for 6! Hmm... note to self... drink Chai Tea in AM. Or maybe just avoid the calories all together.
I was being so good. I had an apple for breakfast, lean quisine for lunch, and salad for dinner. Thus why I was craving Chai Tea at 9 PM. Now I'm just going to be exhausted in the AM.

I thought I would get on here and rant about my computer. I has been taken over by spyware and some kind of nasty spamming virus. I get pop ups every 10 seconds. and my browser keeps shutting down. This computer is 3 years old and I was planning on getting a new computer anyways. So I have a new pink Dell coming!!! So tonight... I'm leading this small group leaders meeting and using Brian's new, month old computer, of course... since mine isn't working. And what do I do? I had a pen sitting on the keyboard and I half shut the cover of the lap top. Next thing I know I open up and I've destroyed the beautiful screen!! Well. I'm going to try to take it back but that one is toast as well. The screen is completely destroyed. Brian took it pretty well. I feel awful. Basically. I should not be let near a computer. Both our computers are broken at the same time!!
I prayed about it and I think God is trying to say Sunshine.... you need to spend more time with me instead of your computer.

Small groupS! I love small group Bible studies. Part of the church plant is that we are launching small groups prior to launch date! We've got 7 willing leaders who are going to start groups in the next 2 weeks. Tonight we had a meeting of the leaders just to get topics and finalize the membership drive we are having this weekend! We have 30 people committed to this Church plant from the mother church and we are going to organize those 30 people into the 7 small groups. The goal of these 7 groups is to grow to 15 or so members in the next 2 months and to have sweet Bible study and fellowship amongst themselves. Leaders invite friends and coworkers and neightbors and then encourage other members to invite friends. Then on our church launch date we invite all the people attending our group to the church launch!!
WE need lots of prayer! But so far God has been just moving in awesome ways.
Take my small group right now... we just happen to be at a great stopping point and tomorrow I'm going to suggest we transition as a group into this group. I think it will shake the group a bit and I want to be loyal to the members. But we don't just want to stay where we are at... we want to learn and grow and reach out! So I am excited and in prayer!

This weekend was insanely busy and packed with awesome dinners and friends and family and meetings. The highlight was we went out with our friends Matt and Nicki and we decided to go on a cruise together! We are going to go to Mexico for 7 nights in May. I think it's all working out. Good deals and new friends. I am so there.

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