Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Benefits of Life

Biking!! I got to go biking with my friend Dawn today. We set out on our two purple bikes to explore the homes around the golf course. Those houses have the most perfect lawns.

I also got to go to my job and talk about benefits. So... confusing. They have an HSA and an FSA. I'm like what is the difference?? There are subtle differences but I'm like why would you want both? Unless you had a lot of medical expenses. But then even if you have both one is limited by the other. I marched over from the meeting over to Brian's office (since he is my personal home, auto, and life insurance agent.) and he called is brother in who is a life and health insurance agent and we figured everything out. I am blessed and loved.

Our women's Bible study started last night. We are meeting in a women's outreach center. She used to be a hairdresser and then was convicted to turn her salon into an outreach center. It is way cute and she holds lots of Bible studies there and makes smoothies. Since it was the first night we just got to know each other. There were some awesome testimonies and big prayer requests. One request was for a young man shot in the neck by a paintball who is the son of my friend Suzy's boss. He is paralyzed from the neck down and cannot swallow. It's been a year after the incident and they are remodeling the house so he can come home soon. Lots of prayer needed.

Watching the America's Got Talent finale- Brian and I have been a little addicted to it this summer. It's finally over!!

So gotta go... I'm signing up at for a breakdown on what we're spending on things each month. Gotta pay off those school loans!

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