Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So my mom has left and I am stuck doing all the projects that have been bouncing around in my head for the past 3 months (or longer). There are so many I don't think I will finish by the time I start work.
These past two days I have been touching up spots in multiple rooms of the house. I painted with 5 colors of paint today! I finally got out some primer and touched up the ceiling above our shower where the previous owners accidentally got some greet paint. I have been staring at that mistake while showering for over 4 years.
Also I have spent 4 hours patching the dead spots in my lawn. So much work. And I'm only halfway done. There has got to be an easier way.
Yesterday I even replaced the toilet seats in our two bathrooms. Pretty easy actually. The old ones were sliding back and forth and coming off. Annoying.
I put my bunk beds on Craig's List and had 3 people that wanted them in an hour. Cool. I highly recommend it if you want to sell something fast.
I've been trying to get around to posting my coffee table that I have for sale all day. Haven't been able to wedge it between painting and yard work.
Tomorrow I am getting LASIK. I am not nervous. Was a little annoyed that my paperwork specifically says I can't garden for a week. I am halfway done patching those dead spots. But I suppose eye surgery is something to take seriously. I am just excited to finally be doing it. And praying that everything goes well. Also excited to stop wearing my glasses that I have been wearing the past 3 weeks. I dislike my glasses.
My cousin came home for Afganistan today! Safe and sound for a 2 week break. We were supposed to have dinner together but he promptly fell asleep and to my knowledge hasn't woken up yet. But I'm sure we will hang out this week.
What else. My mom and I went shopping on Monday. I got a few work clothes at JCrew for 40% off since I had a coupon. I love shopping. So hard not working and knowing I have to pay off my school loans and looking at all those beautiful clothes.
This is one of the sweaters. I love that it is feminine but also makes me feel like a kid.

I also have been addicted to the impossible quiz. I'm up to question 92. I just want to beat it! I don't recommend clicking on the link unless you have time to be sucked in.


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Chelsea said...

You're selling the bunk beds! You can't sell the bunk beds! I have such good memories in that bed. Sad day.