Friday, October 3, 2008

It's all going to burn in the end.

Today is my garage sale. I'm sitting in the garage blogging from the laptop. I woke up and it was pouring rain this morning and thought "good thing I set everything up in the garage". I peeked out the door to go put up the garage sale signs and realized people were already sitting outside in their cars 30 minutes early. Kind of a bummer that it is raining, but I figure that can be expected on the first Friday of October. I really just want to get rid of stuff. I didn't have time before this since I was busy rotating, graduating, and then studying for boards. I would say the most popular price in the sale is 25 cents. However... that can add up because I haven't sold any big items yet but have made over 150 dollars. Now if someone would just come buy my bunk bed I would have enough to finance Brian's 10 year reunion trip this weekend. Anyways it is now after lunch and the garage is pretty dead. I don't think I should expect much more due to the rain but have about an hour left until I close up shop. Boring!!

There is so much stuff that I kept. I just couldn't part with it. Or Brian couldn't part with. I don't know what to do with all of it. It is sitting in boxes in my office taking up pretty much the whole room. Ahh!!!!!! I figure if I sell the bunk beds and get wall to wall bookshelves I could maybe display all the books and DVD's and VHS tapes we have. But then we won't really have a guest room anymore. I could not get Brian to get rid of all this VHS tapes. Maybe when we are 80 they will be collectors items and we can make tons of money on them. We have two DVD's and one VHS tape of It's a Wonderful Life. We of course had to keep them all. Brian's favorite movie and all. But do you really need that many copies? Anyways- these problems are nothing compared to starving children in Bangladesh.

So leaving for the reunion in a little over an hour. Brian went to an Adventist boarding academy in the middle of nowhere, Oregon. Should be fun. I think Brian is a little nervous. I know I was nervous for my 10 year but when I got there it was a blast. I hope it will be a blast for him too. We even went to his 5 year reunion (no one was really there except for his classmate that was teaching there at the time). You see when you go to Academy they have Alumni weekend instead of individual reunions so it is a big event of all the honored classes. 10 years is nothing compared to those individuals there celebrating 50 years. I just realized while typing this that I am supposed to make something for potluck. (Yes there is an Alumni potluck). I really don't like to cook. And did I mention that I am not a good plan ahead person. Thus probably why I don't like to cook. I always have to go to the store for ingredients. Our friend Judy is coming with us. I think.... she's still deciding.

On another note- I got an email from the Oregon Board saying that I can now submit a registration request and pay them more money since I jumped through all the application hoops. I'm like.... I thought by applying they could just send me a license.... But great news that they will let me do the next step. I thought it would take a few more weeks.

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