Thursday, October 9, 2008

Life of a unemployed homeowner

So yesterday I got to go to a ropes course with a bunch of middle schoolers! My friend Matt was taking his class and knew that I wanted to go. Brian has gotten to go a few times and always talks about how awesome it is. It is at the North American Youth with a Mission Headquarters
They have a 24 item ropes course that they take groups and do team building activities. My favorite was the zip line. Brian was trying to get me to go down upside down but I was quite scared at the top and went down the conventional way. It was fun watching all the middle schoolers problem solve and try to work as a team.

I replaced the doorbell today. Felt cool with my power tools. I also bought two new toilet seats. Will figure out how to replace those soon. And I pretty much did nothing else. Wow.
I have so many projects to do. But I find it easier to wake up and waste time. This morning I watched the movie Jack with Robin Williams. True it was on VHS and a need to give it back to my friend tomorrow so technically I HAD to watch it.

I have been listening to Chris Tomlin's new CD: Hello Love. It's pretty good. I was inspired yesterday morning by track 4. It's called God of this City. The chorus goes:
For greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city. There is no one like our God.
It got me excited about church. We have been talking about planting a church since we moved here. Our church here in town is big and full of wonderful people. Lately there have been so many people it has been standing room only. Our church is pretty conservative as well and we are quite a bit more liberal than it. We've been praying about whether there is a place for two churches in our community. I got in the car with Matt on the way to the ropes course and shared with him about church and planting. Awesomely he had been thinking about church and planting as well. I think God is preparing for great things yet to come.

So my mom is driving down right now as I type to come visit for a few days! We are going to the women of faith conference at the Rose Garden with and my friends Judy (Matt's wife) and Snahal this weekend. Whoo. hoo....

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