Sunday, October 19, 2008

I was blind but now I see!

So I haven't blogged in a few days because...

1) I've been busy having fun
2) I got LASIK... which is a bad excuse because I could see pretty much in 24 hours
3) God has been stirring me up about church
4) My cousin Gene is here from Afganisitan and we've been hanging out.
5) I've been busy selling things on Craig's List
6) I start work in a week and I have better things to do with my time than sit on the computer
7) I've been shopping a lot

So LASIK. I went in Thursday morning- I wasn't that nervous just wanted them to do it and get it over with! After sitting in the office for about 90 minutes signing paperwork and waiting to actually meet the Yale/Mayo Clinic bred surgeon who was going to sit and let the laser do most of the work I finally got to go under! 10 minutes later I was done. There was a quite a bit of pressure while they were cutting the flap in my eye. I felt like it was trying to push my eyeball to the back of my head but there was someone behind me counting down letting me know I only had to lay still for 15 more seconds. Then it was over and they were strapping on dark goggles on my face and pointing me do the door. I stumbled through it downstairs to the car since I could see but it was if someone has smeared vaseline over my goggles. I got brought home and fell asleep for 4 hours. By that night I could see clearly... well enough to drive! Now I am just stuck putting eye drops in hourly and I find my eyes get tired towards the end of the night. However, I am quite impressed that my eyes are seeing this well without complication only 3 days out!

Since then have had quite the family weekend. With a 5 generation picture Friday night and the other side of my inlaws Sabbath morning.

Tonight we just had a meeting about church planting! You know I've felt like God was stirring something up lately so we decided to take action. Our two good friends Matt and Judy and our Uncle, Aunt, and Nephew came over and we talked and prayed about starting a church. It was just awesome to finally get together after talking about it. We are going to work on meeting and praying weekly. Also going to invite some key people to join us. Pray for us. I am so excited about what God is going to do. And I think I have a lot of the excitement but other people in the group have a lot of practical wisdom and planning skills.

Tomorrow begins my last week of freedom before I start life as a practicing PA-C. I had a dream last night that it was my first day of practice. I was forgetting to chart between patients. And then for some reason I was scheduled an hour to do some sports physicals. It turned out to be a family of 6 that I ended up examining in the parking lot. (No idea why). I tried to tell the father that his ears were full of wax and he got mad at me. But the neat thing about the dream was that even though it was a chaotic and disorganized throughout I felt confident in my abilities. Very encouraging even if it is just my mind making up crazy dreams.

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