Monday, October 6, 2008

Rainy Monday

So feeling productive on this rainy monday. Even though it is Noon:30 and I haven't showered yet.

I am even baking for lunch. Wow. Baked potatoes and fried/steamed zucchini for lunch. Pretty impressive for a non-cooker like me.
So I went to the gym this morning and then wanted to make a smoothie for breakfast. I was at the store and had all the ingredients gathered when I realized... hmm.... we haven't had a blender since I broke ours about 2.5 years ago. I think I just like the way glass shatters from a height :). So that is probably the most exciting thing I may do today. Buy blender so that tomorrow I can have that smoothie I crave.

Brian's 10 year reunion had a good turnout. He graduated with about 50 people in his class and about 20 showed up. It was fun to see people from Brian's life before I met him. Lots of smart cookies in that bunch: lawyers, phD candidates, and engineers. And only a few had children proving our generations propensity to save that for later in life.
Brian's Class Pic

Also got to watch some football with the family yesterday and took some cute pictures of my new niece.

The little family
Brian and Hannah

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