Monday, October 20, 2008

A planting we will go!

So I know I just posted yesterday but I am so excited!
Even though I left the house for only a three brief moments today so many great things happened!

First one: I left the house to get Brian a new iphone. We have both been waiting for our plans to finish so we can get rid of our stupid window's mobile based Treo's. Oh my Treo... it doesn't recognize my memory card, I once lost all my contacts into an unknown memory land, and it does not have easily downloadable ringtones. I will soon be selling it on Ebay if anyone wants to buy it! Brian is currently clipping ringtones for his new iphone off itunes. Wow... so much more user friendly. I, alas, must wait until February to upgrade mine.

Second one: I left the house to go acknowledge reciept of my new approved OREGON board license as a practicing PA-C. (I've heard horror stories of being held up by the Oregon BME in particular so no small feat.) While I was at work I learned that my day off is going to be Wednesday. Which is exactly the day I wanted. And I got a new nametag and a box of business cards with my name printed on them. Sunshine John PA-C here I come.

Third one: I went to our church board meeting because they were going to approve a steering committee to approach the conference for the new church plant. Our pastor proposed the six people that were praying at our house about it last night: Our friends Matt and Judy, our uncle and aunt, and Brian and I. And our names were passed without question as the new steering committee for the church plant. It just feels good to be justified in the eyes of the church board and not seen as some upstart offshoot group. For the past week my heart has been screaming PRAY PRAY PRAY. So we will continue to pray pray pray about God's leading.

So awesome day. I actually spent most of it at home cleaning. But those are the awesome highlights.

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