Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I will praise Him in the good times.

I had so much fun this weekend! The only downside to it was that I left Brian at home and missed him tons.

I went to Seattle to see my little sister! We are 7.5 years apart so now that I am good and old she is a Freshman in college. Well... she did take two years off after high school. (That makes me even older) She just started at the University of Washington. So I decided to go out and check out how she is doing. She recently left all her friends and family, moved to Seattle with her crazy attack cat, got a little studio apartment, and started school.

So I got on the road Thursday and stopped to see my old college roomie Chalaina. We went out for Thai food and wandered the maze of IKEA. (That store scares me a little).

Friday I went used clothing shopping with my dear friend Elder Mayer (Ella Mae). WE got some good deals and also went and watched my sister in action at the coffee shop she works at. I have to say that Elder Mayer is the quirkiest friend I have and she spent the day entertaining me with crazy stories about her roomates and made up animals. LAter we all went to UW campus vespers put on by an Adventist church that a bunch of my friends are a part of.

AFter vespers Shantel (my sis) and I had a craving for slurpees and we went in seach of a Burger King. They have the best tasting slurpees. We then found out that THERE ARE barely any metropolitan Burger Kings. I guess Sushi is a little more popular than fast food. AFter driving around searching for non-existent Burger Kings and two hours later finally arrived at a real Burger King where we were told that their Slurpee machine was broken. So we went to Dick's and had burgers and floats.

The next morning we went to church, got invited to lunch, and spent 3 hours in a corn maze lost. Got to hang out with my friends Jesse, Novently, and Ruby and others. Had an awesome time reconnecting.

The next morning we went to Rite-Aid and got all the free rebate stuff, clipped coupons from the Sunday paper and went to Portage Bay Cafe for some great organic breakfast.

Then alas... my time was up and I had to hightail it home to get ready for my first day of work. But I arrive home reassured that my sister is healthy, happy, studying hard, and adjusting. She also has quite the cute little set-up in her little apartment. I am so proud of her. Right now she is majoring in Chemistry which was my major. We will see if she likes it as much as I did.

So... my first day of work orientation went awesome. Checked out my desk, computer oriented, and just about every 3 person I saw told me how excited they were that I was working there. I felt so welcomed and wanted. I haven't seen any patients yet so now I can't wait to just get in their and start so that I don't have to wonder what that real first day will be like. I am excited.

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