Sunday, October 12, 2008

Women of Faith

So I've been a little busy these past few days! I have been to the Rose Garden Arena 3 times in 3 days. Since it is an hour from our house I am thinking about bringing a tent and living there. The first two days were for the Women of Faith conference. Way way fun. 11,000 women praising the Lord and listening to awesome women speakers. It the biggest women's conference in the United States. My mom came up for the conference and my friends Judy and Snahal came.
The theme of the conference was Infinite Grace. It involved speakers and Christian singers. One of my favorite parts was Sandi Patty. I grew up on her music and lately her stuff has been a little too operatic for me but I loved her testimony. She just was sharing what it was like to have a public divorce after an affair. And she talked about recovering from that and picking herself up and how big God is and his grace.
There was also another part where we were singing a song and the words were basically about not regretting past mistakes and how we have learned from them and they have made us stronger. I felt inspired. I had a lot of awesome experiences in high school with youth group and going door to door colporteuring. Now that we are married I sort of feel settled and lately haven't been as excited and passionate about God. We have been talking about shaking up church and really forming some great fellowship groups but it is hard to do that when you don't feel inspired or feel that there are the right people around to do it with you.
This week particularly the theme for me has been God is not finished yet. With that Chris Tomlin song I mentioned in last blog running through my head all week... Greater things are yet to come. Greater things are still to be done in this city. I feel inspired that, even though I have experienced great things in my youth and I have become a well nested married woman, God is not finished yet. I am still racing towards Heaven and have not reached the prize yet. God can do great things. So we shall see.
I've been praying a lot about what God wants to do at this stage in my life. This week I've been praying a lot about starting a prayer group specifically aimed to pray about what God wants to do in our city and with church. I've also been talking to a few people and it seems like God is giving them the same message about starting a prayer group as well. So we shall see. I shall continue to pray and work on starting this group.

Another inspirational thing was that I got to see my good friends Andrea and Arlen this weekend. They totally inspire me as a couple that are living their dream and stepping out in faith for God. They have recently moved to San Francisco to plant a new church with another great guy Ryan. So they have moved across the country, left everything behind. Got a job and an apartment. Now they are just praying and moving forward with starting a movement. They were in town to for a church planting conference and I got to take a few hours out of the conference and go visit them in their down time. I got to finally meet their son Caison who is almost 2. The last time I saw them he was in Andrea's belly. So cute! So pray for them as well. God is going to do awesome things.

Today we went back to the Rose Garden for a preseason Blazer's game! They lost to the Utah Jazz. Greg Oden did not have his best game. Their new player Batum from France looked awesome. They also weren't playing 3 of their main starters including Brandon Roy. They are going to have a great season.

So tomorrow on to spa day and shopping! My mom is going to be here a few more days. Then Thursday I'm getting LASIK surgery.

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