Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A change of pace

So last week we were going going going. Party party party.
This week we have snow which has taken us for a 360... in a good way!

We drive slower, we both have been going to work but even work is slower.

I have averaged 2 to 3 patients per day this week which makes for a lot of sitting around doing CME, decorating my patient rooms and goofing off with the nurses. Would chat with the docs but alas they have patients... :) They are in talks to open up the clinic to new patients. Which I am like yeah!!! Then I can have my own patients and a little more job security. There are so many senior citizens in the this community in need of primary care providers and I'm sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I understand it's a delicate balance. The clinic has seen a drop in appointments lately which they are thinking is due to the economic times and people just hanging on to their money and not seeking care unless they really need it. So time to open up the practice.

So we have been hanging out in our wonderfully heated home where we have had food and all the other associated comforts. Happy to report no frozen pipes or broken heat pumps! There is a few inches of snow outside and slush in the streets and all the schools have been closed. Fun for a change of pace.

Today was my day off... so what did I do?
I got up and was at my holiday gift exchange breakfast for work at 7 AM. Pretty good on a day off!
Then I was going to go to Portland but since it snowed all day today I decided to try and do more Christmas shopping in town and forego the trip.

This worked out because I got to babysit a baby!!! IT was so exciting. Our new friends Matt and Nikki both had to work today and the daycares are closed so I got to babysit their 6 month old. Only for 4 hours but he was pretty cute! And a pretty easy baby to watch.

Anyways- Shout out to my brother and sister-in-law Jason and Kylie who are celebrating their 2 year anniversary today!

Time to go--got a pressing Rock Band date with Brian.

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Lex-a-roo said...

Glad the weather is treating you well. Hope things pick up at the clinic for you.