Thursday, December 18, 2008

Driving in a Winter Wonderland!

As I blog the snow is falling- ever so gently outside. We poked our head out a few minutes ago and noted that we got another couple inches. Which is nice because a lot of melted today while we are at work.

So here is our happy tree decorated and with presents underneath to boot. Not all of them mind you... I got bored with wrapping them last night. No the heat dish is not a gift this year we just have been using it a lot so it is still tucked up against the tree ready to warm our feet at a moments notice.

I saw 8 patients today so I guess my moaning yesterday paid off. A lot of orthopedic complaints. Fun fun! Knees, hips, feet, backs.... come to me and I will send you radiology for a quick picture!

Gotta go watch the rest of the Blazers game!!


kathy said...

Hi Sunshine girl~
I love reading your blogs--it's like reading a continuing story :-)

I'm so glad you got to babysit a little guy--what's his name?

We have tons of snow up here and it keeps snowing off & it's only going to get deeper! Causes a lot of excitement!

Lex-a-roo said...

I think we have the same heatdish...
I wish our tree was up, yours look so pretty someday. Sounds like the clinic is picking up.