Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here we come a Caroling!

I had to work Saturday clinic this weekend which went well. On the way home I slid off the highway due to ice. I knew I shouldn't be driving my Focus without chains on it! Luckily I was only stuck for 5 minutes. Two nice trucks pulled up immediately and two guys pushed me out lickety split! It was like it had never happened.

15 minutes later we were at church set out to carol to the homebound members of our church. It was so much fun. We really shouldn't have been driving in the snow. But I ended up in the car of a retired Pastor who used to live in Alaska. He was a maniac and drove with confidence. We had 6 stops to carol at but really ended up expanding it to 11 different locations. The first stop we met a church member whose wife was in the hospital. So we went sang with him and dug out his car. Later we ended up over the hospital and sang to his wife. While we were at the hospital we saw another church member who had just had a knee replacement. And even had an encore request from a few rooms down in the hospital. It was so much fun! I don't know if I've ever had that much fun caroling in my life.

Then we went over the inlaws and spent the night! Kathy's Christmas list mostly consisted of people spending the night at her house so we decided this weekend was the weekend to do it. WE had them come pick us up with their 4 wheel drive because we couldn't make it out to their house on our own with the snow. We had so much fun being treated like kids again and watched Christmas movies till we could no longer keep our eyes open.

The next day we made it back into town and had Christmas with Jason, Kylie and Hannah! They hosted and Kylie made an awesome fondue spread. Two types of cheese fondue and chocolate. It was so yummy. She is a great cook. (Maybe because she actually seems to like cooking :) and Hannah was darling in her Christmas outfit and stocking cap!

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Lex-a-roo said...

That's great you were able to spread some Christmas joy! I have never had much fun Caroling but it sounds like you had a great time.