Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Slushing through the snow!

So what a week! I worked half days Monday and Tuesday at the clinic this week. Monday I was the only provider in internal medicine that was able to make it clinic. We woke up in the am to 2 feet of snow! Most people were late due to having to spend an hour shoveling themselves out of their driveway but luckily my wonderful husband had put chains on our car and partially shoveled out our driveway the night before. Score one for preparedness. Other people were stuck in California, were without power, or live in the country thus had trees falling over their mile long driveways.
Luckily we live in town and slipped our way over to both our jobs the past two days! I just feel blessed that we have not lost power, had a pipe burst, or got snowed in like many of our other friends in the area.

Tonight we decided to start out on our trip up North! We both had already planned on taking Wednesday through Sunday off and making the 7 hour drive to visit my side of the family... They apparently have a foot of snow so we were pretty concerned that it might be ice the whole way.
3 PM today we set out and slushed the whole way to the mall. We hadn't finished my Christmas shopping since we have had ice and snow for 10 days- the hour to drive to Portland to finish the shopping seemed unsafe and foolhardy. Since I was with Brian we were at the mall for 15 minutes and had all the shopping done! We were on a mission. I won't say what what we got but score one for planning ahead.
By then it was 6 PM. Yes it took us two hours to make the hour drive to Portland. Can you say ice and packed snow and crazy insane drivers the whole way!

We had an hour to cross town to get to the Rose Garden to watch the Blazer's beat the Nuggets- yippee!!! I got to wear my new Brandon Roy jersey that I got from Ricky and Kathy for Christmas!

Next we set out North- once we got past Vancouver we felt confident that we had made the right choice. The ice has left up and even though it is supposed to snow another two inches here the roads are so much better than at home already! So we are sleeping in Longview tonight and will finish the drive in the AM.

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