Friday, December 5, 2008

Musings at the end of the week

So... this is a Friday night blog. It means I survived the week. It was a pretty good week. I am learning so much at work. Which is good because my schedule is getting busier.

A saw my record of 13 patients on Monday. Yesterday and today I saw 11. It is starting to scare me that I may have to see double that number on a regular basis because it takes me most of the day to see 11.

I started out today by partially removing a toenail. It was way fun. I did a nice digital block (or course). Toenails take a little strength to remove so I had a little fun removing the crazy thing. WE shall see how it is doing when I recheck it on Monday.

The rest of the day I kept seeing lovely elderly patients with ears full of wax. Most came in for different reasons but each took me up on the offer of removal. Luckily my MA is still fresh and seems to enjoy earwax removal because I let her do most of the dirty work. I made sure she wasn't thinking dirty thoughts about all these requests but she still seemed up for more by the end of the day.

I keep telling myself to chart more in the rooms with my patients. We have electronic medical record so everything is on computer. I'm picking up the nasty habit of finding anything to do to put off charting. I was charting until 6 tonight. I probably could have left at 5 if I hadn't avoided charting most of the day. Staying till 6 isn't too bad. At least I don't have call... ever. I kind of like this job.

Last night we reprised game night with our friends Joe and Katie. Once again I led in Rook. Usually Brian beats me so I have to enjoy it while I'm ahead.

Our bed came today! IT looks so pretty. I will have to take a picture and post it.

We also got our Christmas tree. I felt so loved today. WE ordered our Christmas tree from our local Adventist school. Brian was going to pick it up over lunch today- I checked my messages at lunch and the first one is from the school secretary, my friend Quincy, she's like.... it's 10 AM and I have your tree... I can drive by your house... if you get this message. (Even though we were supposed to pick it up.) The next message is our good friend Matt, who is a school teacher at the school. He's like.... I have your tree in my truck... I'll deliver whenever you are home. Luckily he got a hold of Brian before Brian borrowed a truck to go pick it up himself. Then I get home tonight and I get an email from Kathy, my mother-in-law that says: I remembered you are getting your tree today. Do you need help picking it up??
So nice to have thoughtful family and friends! It is resting in our garage. Next post will be of our decorated tree!


Lex-a-roo said...

Wow you have so many helpful people in your life. I'm jealous. Toenails do take some strength to remove.

Firefly said...

Hey Sunni I have arrived at your blog. Check mine out too sometime.

I should post coroner stories since you enjoyed the toenail so much. lol