Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday highs

So... last blog I said this post would show pics of our decorated tree. Sadly we have been so busy that our tree is up with the star on top and a tree skirt but not much else. I am sitting and blogging but don't quite have the energy to get up and decorate it. Someday when we have children we won't be able to be this lazy!!

I just snapped this picture and Brian looked over at me and asked: "Are you blogging about our undecorated tree??" Oh he knows me so well.

I has been a great week though- last weekend we got our new bedframe:

Pretty spiffy-

Monday we went on a triple date to Chinese food and played Acquire. Our friends brought their 6 month old over and he scooted everywhere. So cute but I have decided I like the 5 month stage better- lets just keep them where they can't move and all they can do us coo and smile at you...

Tuesday we went on a double date to the Blazer- Magic game. They lost right at the buzzer. Heartbreaking. We were up by 5 with 50 seconds to go. 4 seconds to go we were still up by two points. As the buzzer rang they sank a 3 pointer and we lost!! But of course it is always fun to see them live in action!

Wednesday was my great day off. I ran around on hold with the insurance as I dropped off the vacuum to be repaired. Then got hung up on by insurance company as I was in line at the post office. I had a few hours of that exhilarating thrill of trying to juggle ten things at once and seeing if you can do it. Also got to go see visit Kylie and Hannah. She was 6 months this week and sat up for the first time.

Thursday was Brian's work party where we won this interesting white elephant gift!

Unfortunately Brian got sick Friday AM. He is battling one of those nasty viruses. I had to go solo to the dinner party to see our visiting friend Rachel.

Church today was packed! There was no parking and no seats! Rachel and I sat in the back crammed up against one of the camera stands. And we got to see the school children put on the church service. So precious.

Then we had a church planting lunch! The conference gave us the go ahead to church plant and we are moving forward- praying about meeting in March.

So squeezing a blog in here after a fun filled week! I love this time of year. There is always stuff to do!

We get to leave in 45 minutes for my company Christmas party. It's at the casino... maybe we will hit the jackpot ;)

Merry Christmas

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Lex-a-roo said...

Wow, Sounds like lots of Holiday fun. Our church was canceled today, due to the snow... crazy huh?