Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh Come Oh Come Emanuel!

WE made it North for the holidays! So glad that they plow major highways. We drove 7 hours north up to visit my side of the family and almost got stuck 4 blocks away! All the major highways were plowed so we did just fine the first 7.95 hours. IT was the last 4 blocks in my mom's subdivision where we weren't sure if we were going to make it. Trying to make our little sedan plow it's way through 2 feet a snow was a quite a bit to ask of it. But we made it and promptly put our chains on for the rest of the trip!

We spent Christmas with my mom, Sister and her friend Greg:

My mom is so beautiful!
And this is my sister and her friend Greg.

My sister went all out this year. She is quite fond of shopping and finding great deals. She and Greg stuffed our stockings and filled the tree with presents.

I got some MAC brushes from her- just what I asked for!
WE made cornish game hens and turkey ham for Christmas dinner.
And spent the rest of the day playing games and watching "It's a wonderful life."

The next day we broke a chain on our car and had to find a tire dealer in the middle of the snowstorm that had chains for our tires. AFter this ordeal we headed over to my dad's house for dinner and the big poker game! I bowed out after a few hours after losing all my chips.
We hadn't seen my brother in a while and got a bunch of pictures:
I really like his beard. And I am not a facial hair person!
The siblings!

Group shot- My Grandma was visiting from Texas!

The next day we visited my friend Wendell who is in the hospital with a number of ailments. Mostly due to the fact that he is in his 80's and his body is wearing out. Lots of prayers that he is back on his feet and feeling better soon.

We also went to Canada to go to see "Bedtime stories." We had to go to the space ship movie theater- Brian even got a picture! It's shaped like a space ship and you can see it from the highway. It's just fun to go Canada- just as long as they let you come home in the end!

Now for us it's back to work! The snow has melted and we are busy receiving mail and packages that were held up due to the storm. We plan to ring in the new year with out friends Matt and Judy- what are your new years resolutions??

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